Thursday, 3 May 2018

Working on a talent (Boxing) - Dylan Conn 6th Class

                 MY BOXING CAREER SO FAR!

Hi I’m Dylan conn and I’m going to be writing about my boxing career so far
In my first year I was weak and very unfit. I would always watch boxers fight because it inspired me a lot. I would watch Roy jones jr. , Muhammad Ali, Anthony Joshua and Mike Tyson. My first day was a bit hard because I wasn’t used to the press ups, sit ups, jogs and squats. I felt really bad about myself because I couldn’t keep up with the others. I was too unfit to do what they could. So I pushed myself. I started training as hard as I could and I would try harder when I was doing the jogs. I started doing training at home every day. After a while I started sparing (training fights) and I started off with the others who also just started. But I progressed much faster to a point where I was fighting the bigger lads. That’s when I realised boxing became natural to me. I would sometimes take boxing so seriously that I would make my friends bleed and cry which I know now was not right.
After a year of training I went to the leagues and did okay. I lost some and won some but every time I lost I would watch the video over and over until I realised what I was doing wrong. I would try and improve on that one thing. I went to the Kildare finals and sadly lost. I was so angry I wanted to leave. I took a break because the club takes a break in the summer. So I used that time to improve. I would often go on jogs, do press ups, sit ups and squats. My dad ended up buying me a pull up bar and some weights which I use a lot.
After a while I became much stronger, fitter and confident. A little too confident to the point where I became a bit of a cocky boxer. I would show off in the ring a little too much. Then I came to the Kildare finals. I went on a diet. The only things I ate were brown rice and eggs. When it came to the fight I was so scared. I ended up winning and made my opponent bleed. Now I’m in the leinsters and I hope I do well. I have learned a lot through boxing and trying to progress in something you enjoy. I hope to continue to develop this talent in the future.