Thursday, 3 May 2018

Awareness talk on Refugees - Paddy and Zara, 6th class

Awareness Talk
On Tuesday 1st of May Alannah, Aoife and Jennifer from Cross and Passion College came into our school and told us about refugees. They talked to us about the different countries that people flee from. The first country we talked about was Ireland; we talked about how people fled the country during the famine. The other countries we talked about were Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Lebanon. They also told us a story about a refugee called Rania who made a really long journey to Vienna. At the end we did a worksheet about transport they use for trying to flee a country in times of war or famine and what you would bring with you.
We are all going to try to raise our awareness of the plight of refugees everywhere in our world. We watched a documentary in our class about Rania, one of the refugees. Kit was very interesting and really showed us how dangerous and difficult some people’s living conditions are.