Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Green Schools News

In September 2018 an enthusiastic new Green Schools Committee was selected.  Two children from each of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes were chosen to represent our school.  Last year we were awarded our 5th Green Flag for biodiversity.  Three children from last year's Green Schools Committee travelled to the Helix, DCU to collect the flag.  We had a flag raising ceremony in the hall with the whole school in June, at which the youngest child and the oldest child in the school raised the flag for the first time.  The Green Schools Committee then had the opportunity to raise the flag outside the school on that same day.  

In September 2018, the new Green Schools Committee began work on our next theme, Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste.  They completed an environmental review to see how well we are recycling and what we can do to recycle more and recycle better.  They compiled a list of actions (our Action Plan) which we hope to undertake over the next two years to improve our recycling, reduce littering on the school grounds and help improve our environment.  

The whole school is on board with this initiative, and so far we have removed all general waste bins from the classrooms, leaving only recycling bins.  The children are being encouraged to bring in reusable containers with their lunch so as to cut down on packaging waste.  The children of the Green Schools Committee have done a number of litter picks on the school grounds and have identified litter hotspots.  They are designing posters to deter people from littering on the school grounds, and a number of these posters will be made into permanent signs to be displayed around the grounds of the school.  

The aim of the programme is to raise awareness about issues such as sustainable development, fair trade, carbon footprint, food miles, plastic in the oceans and the impact we have on the environment. 
Over the coming months, all classes will undertake projects on particular topics to raise awareness of these important topics.  

We will still be maintaining the other themes from our previous green flags: energy, travel, water and biodiversity.  The children have planted bulbs in the school garden, which will be blooming soon and later in the Spring, we will be planting vegetables in the garden.  Ella Cullen, one of our 6th class students, designed a beautiful sign for the school garden.  

The third classes will be involved in planting trees with the Tree Council of Ireland on the school grounds during the year.  Ms Carney's class, Birch, planted five alder trees and five silver birch trees on the school grounds and we look forward to more trees being planted over the coming months.


Tuesday, 13 November 2018

'Peace at Last' 100 years since WW1 by Ella Cole, 6 Hazel.

Peace at Last
        The war is over, at last - peace!                         Everyone is ready to be released                                                                         From sadness, loneliness, disappointment and fear   But finally, happy days are here

The evicted children are on their way home         Even though it’s a long journey, not a single groan  

People waiting, arms outstretched, in the street      Waiting for a loved one to meet

Now my heart is filled as things are normal again    And I do hope happy times will never end

By Ella Cole

I wrote this poem to celebrate 100 years since World War 1 ended. The Germans gave in at exactly 11 minutes past 11 o’clock on the 11th of the 11th month, November. I do hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Girls Gaelic footballers get GOLD!

Scoil Bhríde U11 Girls are
County Champions!
On Wednesday the 17th of October Scoil Bhride Kilcullen girls U11 team took part in the County Finals in Moorfield. The girls played in the division 1 final. Before the final the girls played 2 league games against Ballymany of Newbridge and Monasterevin and managed to win both games. Next they were to play Clane in the Semi-Finals and beat Clane. Next up was the Finals and they played Scoil Uí Ríóda of Kilcock. Both teams played excellent but Kilcullen managed to pull off another win, for 5 years in a row. All the girls played a fantastic game of football. Most importantly a big thanks to Ms O’Keeffe and Ms. Collins for coaching the team. Congratulations to all the girls who played in the match and who came to all our trainings.
                                              By Amy & Leah Tyrrell 

Boys U 11 Boys Hurling by Rory Taylor

We started off our campaign with a narrow loss to Moone. We then played Castledermot and we won 1-1 to 1-0. We then played a very strong Patricians side and lost in the semi-final but don’t worry we’ll be back just as strong in the u 13’s.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Badminton Success by Orla Lally


Hi my name is Orla. I play badminton for Kilcullen badminton club. Every Saturday I have badminton training from ten o clock to half eleven. For each age group there is a team. I was the sub for the U13 girls team. I got to play three matches. In my first match away to Kildare Town I lost my singles match 16-30. After that I had a doubles match. My partner Kiera and I bet them 10-21.
My next match was home to Portarlington in my singles match I lost 27-30 which was an improvement of 11 points. In my singles with Kiera we bet them 2 sets to 1.
A few weeks later I had another match away to Portarlington. On the way there we got a bit lost but after we rang someone from the club we found it. In my singles match I played the same girl that I played in Kilcullen. This time I bet her 25-30. That was my first time winning a singles match! In my doubles match me and my partner Kiera bet the same girls that we played last time by 2 sets to 0.
After that win it put us through to the final against Kildare Town. The girl that Keira was playing against fell and hurt her leg. When we finished the doubles match it was clear we had won. We all got medals and were delighted with our performance.
By Orla Lally,  6 Hazel

Awareness talk on Refugees - Paddy and Zara, 6th class

Awareness Talk
On Tuesday 1st of May Alannah, Aoife and Jennifer from Cross and Passion College came into our school and told us about refugees. They talked to us about the different countries that people flee from. The first country we talked about was Ireland; we talked about how people fled the country during the famine. The other countries we talked about were Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Lebanon. They also told us a story about a refugee called Rania who made a really long journey to Vienna. At the end we did a worksheet about transport they use for trying to flee a country in times of war or famine and what you would bring with you.
We are all going to try to raise our awareness of the plight of refugees everywhere in our world. We watched a documentary in our class about Rania, one of the refugees. Kit was very interesting and really showed us how dangerous and difficult some people’s living conditions are.

Working on a talent (Boxing) - Dylan Conn 6th Class

                 MY BOXING CAREER SO FAR!

Hi I’m Dylan conn and I’m going to be writing about my boxing career so far
In my first year I was weak and very unfit. I would always watch boxers fight because it inspired me a lot. I would watch Roy jones jr. , Muhammad Ali, Anthony Joshua and Mike Tyson. My first day was a bit hard because I wasn’t used to the press ups, sit ups, jogs and squats. I felt really bad about myself because I couldn’t keep up with the others. I was too unfit to do what they could. So I pushed myself. I started training as hard as I could and I would try harder when I was doing the jogs. I started doing training at home every day. After a while I started sparing (training fights) and I started off with the others who also just started. But I progressed much faster to a point where I was fighting the bigger lads. That’s when I realised boxing became natural to me. I would sometimes take boxing so seriously that I would make my friends bleed and cry which I know now was not right.
After a year of training I went to the leagues and did okay. I lost some and won some but every time I lost I would watch the video over and over until I realised what I was doing wrong. I would try and improve on that one thing. I went to the Kildare finals and sadly lost. I was so angry I wanted to leave. I took a break because the club takes a break in the summer. So I used that time to improve. I would often go on jogs, do press ups, sit ups and squats. My dad ended up buying me a pull up bar and some weights which I use a lot.
After a while I became much stronger, fitter and confident. A little too confident to the point where I became a bit of a cocky boxer. I would show off in the ring a little too much. Then I came to the Kildare finals. I went on a diet. The only things I ate were brown rice and eggs. When it came to the fight I was so scared. I ended up winning and made my opponent bleed. Now I’m in the leinsters and I hope I do well. I have learned a lot through boxing and trying to progress in something you enjoy. I hope to continue to develop this talent in the future.