Thursday, 3 May 2018

Badminton Success by Orla Lally


Hi my name is Orla. I play badminton for Kilcullen badminton club. Every Saturday I have badminton training from ten o clock to half eleven. For each age group there is a team. I was the sub for the U13 girls team. I got to play three matches. In my first match away to Kildare Town I lost my singles match 16-30. After that I had a doubles match. My partner Kiera and I bet them 10-21.
My next match was home to Portarlington in my singles match I lost 27-30 which was an improvement of 11 points. In my singles with Kiera we bet them 2 sets to 1.
A few weeks later I had another match away to Portarlington. On the way there we got a bit lost but after we rang someone from the club we found it. In my singles match I played the same girl that I played in Kilcullen. This time I bet her 25-30. That was my first time winning a singles match! In my doubles match me and my partner Kiera bet the same girls that we played last time by 2 sets to 0.
After that win it put us through to the final against Kildare Town. The girl that Keira was playing against fell and hurt her leg. When we finished the doubles match it was clear we had won. We all got medals and were delighted with our performance.
By Orla Lally,  6 Hazel